Empowering life

At Sanofi we believe it is important that our employees are feeling well that is why we want to facilitate a good work-life balance. Sanofi has found a suitable partner in Corporate Vitality as a vitality partner.


Corporate Vitality offers coaching to all employees who experience a disbalance. This can be stress related or questions regarding work-life balance or other things that could influence your work.

The coach works with a vitality plan and applies an integral approach. She covers both physical aspects as well as mental aspects in your life. Through this integral approach the coach can help you to become fit physically as well as mentally.

Sanne Lemmers

Sanofi has found in Sanne Lemmers a good corporate coach. Sanne’s roots lie in the Dutch countryside: she grew up on a farm with her parents and sisters. Sanne her youth was a happy one, and she learned early on the important values of hard work, integrity and respect for nature.

Sanne graduated in Work and Organizational Psychology at Universiteit van Tilburg. Following her academic education, Sanne worked as an assessment psychologist and outplacement mentor at Right Management (part of Manpower Group) and later on as HR Project Manager at Frisse Blikken where she set up and supervised various talent development programmes for large (and international) organizations.

Currently she works at Corporate Vitality as vitality coach to engage with people on various levels. A variety of personal and professional experiences, ranging from top level tennis, political activities, life events, a psychology study, and working life, have all given her an insight in human development. Whether it is growth, feeling stuck, recuperative power or the collaboration of body and mind, making choices, and motivation and self-confidence, Sanne has the ability and drive to assist others in gaining an introspective and using one’s potential.

As a coach, she applies a direct and positive approach, one that is honest and personal. Sanne motto is: Life is often simple, but one has to dare listen to simple signals.

Is there anything that Sanne can do for you? Fill out the form and she will contact you as soon as possible. (Sanne speaks Dutch and English)