COVID-19 protocol Corporate Vitality


The COVID-19 Protocol of Corporate Vitality

Prevent the spread of the coronavirus

At Corporate Vitality your well-being is a major and prioritised concern. In order to protect you and our staff members, we strictly follow the protocol of RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We continue to provide our full services as much as is allowed, and in order to do so, we kindly ask you for your kind cooperation.

If you or any people with whom you share a household have contracted COVID-19, we kindly request you to cancel your appointment. Suffering from a fever (more than 38C), coughing, a running nose or a shortness of breath? These are all recognisable symptoms of the coronavirus, and chances are that you are infected. Please DO NOT visit Corporate Vitality, but instead call +31 40 3333001 or e-mail to reschedule your appointment.

Only after you have been symptom-free for 48 hours, you can contact us again for a new appointment. If you do not feel at ease honouring your scheduled appointment, we fully understand your decision given the current circumstances.

Do you recognise one of the abovementioned symptoms in yourself or a family member? Please DO NOT visit Corporate Vitality.

Do you belong to a group at risk? Please inform us. Patients at risk are those with defects and functional impairments of the respiratory system, chronic heart conditions, diabetes mellitus, severe renal diseases which lead to dialyses or a kidney transplant and reduced resistance against infections, caused by:

  • Medication for autoimmune diseases
  • Hematological disorders (blood diseases)
  • Congenital immunodeficiency disorders or developed at a later stage in life for which treatment is required
  • Chemotherapy and/or radiation for cancer patients
  • HIV infection (in consultation with HIV practitioner)

Or after:

  • Organ transplantation

What are you required to do?

  • To keep a 1.5-metre (approx. 5 ft.) distance as advised by RIVM to prevent the spread of the coronavirus
  • To use a disinfectant liquid upon entrance
  • In general: no handshaking, wash hands, cough and sneeze into your elbow and use paper handkerchiefs
  • Do not arrive too early, but preferably just before your scheduled appointment
  • Please take into consideration that toilets may not be accessible
  • In doubt of your health condition on the day of your appointment? Please contact us by telephone for consultation whether or not to go ahead
  • Payment should preferably be done using a debit card or credit card
  • Please adhere to any additional instructions
  • Please follow the doctor’s instructions
  • Please attend your sports medical check-up fittingly dressed, in order to avoid changing clothes
  • Taking a shower after the aforementioned check-up is currently prohibited due to COVID-19 guidelines
  • Please leave the venue immediately after your check-up

Our precautions

  • Our staff do not have any disease symptoms
  • We do not shake hands and wear protective equipment (upon request)
  • After each consultation, we clean and disinfect all used spaces and surfaces
  • We provide all required protective equipment
  • We ventilate the treatment rooms by opening windows and use any available air purification systems.

Due to the protocol, our telephone lines could possibly be more occupied than usual. Please call us again at a later time or contact us by e-mail.

More information on COVID-19 as provided by RIVM:

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Would you like to visit us?

Our office is situated on the first floor of Building 5 at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. A map of the High Tech Campus can be found here:

The High Tech Campus in Eindhoven is a public area. On working days, the campus is open from 6.30 to 20.30. You can make use of parking garage 0. Free parking route:

Insert the address ‘High Tech Campus 1’ in your route planner or navigation system. Please note that not all route planners and navigation systems have adjusted their software. If so, the campus can also be found under its former address ‘Professor Holstlaan 4’.