Health declarations

Health declarations

A staff member on a business trip would like to travel carefree to his/her destination. Very often, this includes travel advice, vaccinations, and the proper heath declarations. Sometimes a health declaration is also required to have the work done safely by a staff member. In such circumstances we can also take care of matters by offering adequate preventive medical research.

Travel vaccinations and COVID-19 free declaration

Is a staff member going on a business trip? If so, he/she will be at risk encountering diseases to which insufficient or no resistance has been built. Many infectious diseases can be prevented by vaccination and other preventive measures. For some destinations, vaccinations are compulsory while for others they are only recommended. Very often a traveller is required to prove he/she is COVID-19 free. Business travellers can drop by for vaccinations, a COVID-19 test and corresponding doctor’s statement in order to travel well-prepared to their destination.

Work-related health declarations

If an employee performs activities which requires a specific periodical medical test, we are also able to assist. Through a medical examination we will be able to trace work-related risks and occupational and function-related complaints, in addition to providing medical declarations of health.