Preventive health check

Preventive health check

A health check is intended to provide an insight in your own health and how to engage with health in a preventive way. Even if a staff member doesn’t have any health issues. The Corporate Vitality doctors will conduct an interview based on medical research, and combined with our extensive medical expertise, a staff member’s health will be analysed, and which will be complemented by additional research. As such, a risk assessment can be made of future health loss and possible ailments.

We conduct four different health checks: a Medical Health Check, Sports Medical Health Check, Mental Health Check and Executive Health Check. The Medical Health Check provides information on one’s full health and lifestyle. Following the Sports Medical Health Check, a staff member should know about his/her health and fitness levels, and has guidelines on how to benefit more from sports and physical exercise. The Mental Health Check provides an insight in one’s psychological balance and resilience, and how to improve these. The Executive Health Check is especially designed for high-performance staff and/or for those who would like to have a combination of health checks conducted.

A staff member would like to stay healthy, but an employer also benefits from a healthy and productive staff. Very often, a period of physical complaints and reduced energy precedes an employee’s first diagnosis. During this time, an employer benefits less from a staff member’s productivity and effort.

It is therefore recommended to preventively conduct health checks.

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