What is an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart)?

With an echocardiogram, the doctor at our Health Service Center makes your heart visible on a screen with sound waves. These sound waves are so high that you cannot hear them. Using echocardiography, doctors can make a digital cross-section (ultrasound of the heart) of the heart’s chambers and determine at what speed the blood is flowing past your heart valves.

What is an echocardiogram used for?

With an echocardiogram, the doctor can determine whether your heart valves and heart chambers are working properly or whether you may have heart valve disease. For example, the doctor checks whether your heart valves open or close completely. The doctor also checks with an echocardiogram whether the pumping function of the heart is working properly. With this ultrasound of the heart, the doctor can, for example, measure the muscle strength of the heart (ejection fraction).

The examination takes 15-30 minutes and the costs for the Echocardiogram are 100,- Euro. 

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