Medical Health Check

Medical Health Check

The Medical Health Check provides a staff member information on his/her current health situation and possible health problems in the future.

The staff member who would like to have a test conducted, decides in consultation with our physician what should be measured. Options: cholesterol value, glucose value, blood pressure, BMI, and the amount of visceral fat (belly fat). On indication, visual acuity and hearing can be measured as well. The test results will then be explained by the physician and elaborate attention will be given to one’s personal lifestyle and its influence on the measured values, overall health and possible ailments in the future.

Renowned research results show the importance of a healthy lifestyle and that it’s fundamental to a good performance at work. Beside exercise and nutrition, lifestyle also includes sleep, biorhythm, a balanced nervous system, social context and a meaningful existence. Our doctor provides tailor-made information based on modern medical knowledge and, if needed, also advice. The staff member will determine which adjustments are feasible and compatible with his/her situation to successfully develop a new routine. This way, a sustainable health gain can be achieved.

After the check, the employee will know how to influence his/her own health and stimulate his/her resilience.

The employee will gain increased control over his/her health after a medical check.

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