Mental Health Check

Mental Health Check

Our Mental Health Check provides an insight in the psychological balance and resilience of the employee and how to further strengthen these. Whether we feel good in our skin is determined by more than our physical health. Both our emotional and mental health play a pivotal role.

During a Mental Health Check our clinical psychologist, and also work & organizational psychologist, elaborates on different psychological aspects of possible (previous) diagnoses, sustainable employability, dosing of energy, and making the next steps.

Positive psychology will always be used as a starting point. The philosophy of positive psychology possibilities provides possibilities to reverse undermining processes. Paying attention to positive feelings and events, and taking a moment to dwell on them, the neuronal networks in our brain slowly change and could even modify the structure of the brain in favour of wellbeing and health. This has been proven by neuro-scientific research. Our Mental Health Check offers the opportunity to further explore this matter.

Our psychologist happily motivates staff members to be their best self. Mental wellbeing is the very foundation of success and happiness, and during the Mental Health Check, staff members will be given advice on how to optimise and finetune this.

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