Sports Medical Health Check

Sports Medical Health Check

A Sports Medical Health Check provides a staff member an insight in how healthy and fit he/she is, and guidelines will be given how to benefit more from sports and physical exercise. This specific health check is relevant for those who plan to engage in sports and sportsmen/sportswomen who wish to continue their activities in a more responsible manner. A Sports Medical Health Check could also be interesting for those who would like to practice sports in a well-informed way.

The duration of the Sports Medical Health Check is 90 minutes and will be conducted by a sports physician at the Health Service Centre on the High Tech Campus.

The Sports Medical Check includes:

  • Eye test, hearing test, pulmonary function test, ECG at rest, measurement of fat percentage, height and weight.
  • Blood test (cholesterol and glucose).
  • Cycling test / exercise test with ECG
  • Interview with a physician

An optional expansion of the Sports Medical Check is the breath gas analysis / oximetry.

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Breath Gas Analysis (VO² max)

The breath gas analysis is a very accurate test which provides much information on your fitness and condition. During the test you will wear a mask. VO² max stands for the maximum amount of oxygen a sportsman/sportswoman is able to absorb during a maximum physical effort. At a VO² max test, a physician observes what happens with the body (via exhaled air) with a special device during a maximum physical effort. With this test, the sports physician is able to determine the following values:

  • Maximum oxygen absorption (absolute — as an aptitude indicator for endurance sports and fitness level)
  • Lactate threshold and inflection point. The inflection point or anaerobic threshold is the lactate threshold at which the (maximum) speed, is indicated by the number of heartbeats per minute (heartbeat at inflection point) that the person being tested is able to maintain during a longer period of time (up to approximately an hour). The heartbeat increases at the infliction by an improved physical condition. The ability which enables this is an indicator for endurance performances and the heartbeat can be used to optimise training zones.
  • The possible cause of shortness of breath during physical effort (if applicable)