In short

The Heart Check is intended for:

Staff members who would like to gain more insight into the functioning of their heart.

What will be measured:

The heart.

What does the Heart Health Check entail?

The aim of the examination

The echocardiogramme enables us to study the functioning of the heart muscle and heart valves. Additionally, the echocardiogramme provides information on the speed of the blood streams within the heart.

The examination

In echocardiography, ultrasound is used which is sent to the heart. The ultrasound is reflected off the various structures within the heart, enabling a depiction of the heart. It is comparable with an ultrasound of a pregnant woman which creates an image of the unborn child. Echocardiography uses very safe technology.

The examination, which requires the upper body to be exposed, takes place while you are lying on your back or on your left side. The cardiologist uses a transducer (comparable to a microphone) onto which gel is applied for a better induction of the ultrasound. The inducer is placed on your breast and will be slightly moved to create an optimal image. During the examination images will be recorded, and sometimes this is accompanied by sound. The cardiologist evaluates the echocardiography using the recorded images and will then inform you the results.