In short

The Mental Health Check is intended for:

Staff members who would like to gain more insight into their psychological condition and how to improve it.

This is what we measure:

Psychological aspects

What does the Mental Health Check entail?

Our Mental Health Check provides insight into a staff member’s psychological balance and resilience and how to improve it. Feeling good in one’s own skin depends on more than just physical health. Emotional and mental health also contribute a great deal.

During a Mental Health Check, our mental coach or psychologist (and also work and organisational psychologist) pays attention to various mental aspects, such as (previous) diagnoses, sustainable employability, dosing of energy and taking the next steps.

Neuro-scientific research has indicated that paying attention to positive feelings and happenings, and often remembering these, slowly changes the neuronal networks in our brain. This could change the brain’s structure in favour of well-being and health. Our Mental Health Check offers the opportunity to further explore this matter.

Our psychologist aims to motivate staff members to be the best version of themselves, and mental well-being is fundamental to achieve success and happiness. During the Mental Health Check, employees are informed how to optimise and finetune their efforts.