“When we started building a Vitality Programme for ASML we needed a professional entity which could help us set up a psychological and physical test for our staff to measure their current state of well-being. We found a competent partner in Corporate Vitality, a team of professionals with an in-depth knowledge of health and well-being. We collaborated on a combined lifestyle & health check, and so far over 2,000 of our employees have already participated. The results, anonymous and on an aggregated level, are used as building blocks for our internal Vitality Programme and has spawned an extensive programme with activities related to different modules, such as mental resilience, biorhythm and activities. We continue to closely cooperate with Corporate Vitality to further improve the test, build even more efficient dashboards and reports, and follow up on several actions to actively support our staff in improving their own vitality. I strongly believe that a Vitality Programme such as the one we have launched with ASML could be interesting to other companies which assume responsibility when it comes to the long-term employability and vitality of their staff.”

Harry de Vos, Senior Vice President HR ASML


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