Empowering life

At Sanofi we believe it is important that our employees are feeling well that is why we want to facilitate a good work-life balance. Sanofi has found a suitable partner in Corporate Vitality as a vitality partner.


Corporate Vitality offers coaching to all employees who experience a disbalance. This can be stress related or questions regarding work-life balance or other things that could influence your work.

The coach works with a vitality plan and applies an integral approach. She covers both physical aspects as well as mental aspects in your life. Through this integral approach the coach can help you to become fit physically as well as mentally.

Due to the COVID-19 situation we now offer an online consultation. The online consulation is free of charge for Sanofi employees and confidential. Please fill in the form below if you want to make use of the online consultation offer. We will contact you after we received your registration.

Saskia Geraerts

Hi, my name is Saskia Geraerts. As a clinical and organizational/industrial psychologist I am very enthusiastic about Positive Psychology. This means that our aim is focused on finding solutions and building strengths, as opposed to curing and focusing on the problem. One’s mental wellbeing is the foundation for success and happiness and I would love to help you in finetuning and optimizing this, together with you.