The Farm | De Boerderij

Before Philips started building on this site, there were a number of farm houses. They all disappeared, except one. The remaining farm house was rebuilt in the eighties with dressing rooms and showers built in, as well as an attic for table tennis. On the ground floor a real bar was created. In 1979 it was brought into use for social occasions and meetings, since then it has been known as “De Boerderij”.  ​

Over the years many people visited the “De Boerderij” for social events and workshops & training programs. “De Boerderij” is  managed by Corporate Vitality and focusses on Health & Vitality training programs and workshops for companys’s  on the campus and beyond. On this page you can make a request or reservation or you can subscribe for one of the softskill workshops and programs during the year to strenghten your personal effectiveness and team performance.

We invite you to take on this challenge with us and invest in yourself so you can keep growing in a healthy way!

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