Corporate Vitality the next step…

We are pleased to inform you that Corporate Vitality is ready for the next step. From 2021 we will be part of FT Capital and TMI Investments. Corporate Vitality is going to strengthen the organization in multiple positions. We welcome 21 new clients and 80 new colleagues, working in an international environment. We are excited to end this special year like this. We have been working hard to achieve great results this year. This pays off with new strategic investors and partnerships. It is with pleasure that we continue to provide our customers with our professional products.

Our core business for 2021; “Health and Well-being at work” operating in an rapidly changing environment. Corporate Vitality creates healthy, positive and successful organizations with a mental and physically strong workforce.

Our brand has 3 important pillars:

Corporate Vitality Consultant

  • Health and Well-being program design and management to provide a sustainable employability policy in your company. 
  • Health and Safety projects when help is needed. 

Corporate Vitality Check 

  • Medical health checks and health services provided by our medical professionals.
  • Our health services are offered in the Corporate Vitality Centre on High Tech Campus Eindhoven. 

Corporate Vitality Coach  

  • Virtual classes, webinars and training programs.
  • 1 on 1 coaching and assessments. 
  • These services are provided in our Corporate Vitality Academy and powered by Pontes International.  


 #Health and Well-being at work