Vitality programmes for companies

In the past few years, the importance of sustainable employability and vitality has gained more support through various (scientific) researches, management publications, trainings and courses. COVID-19 has increased the insight into health relevance, and accordingly, also the support for good health linked to staff and their work.

Our tailor-made programmes emphasise the importance of physical and mental health. Obviously, the programmes also aim to reduce incapacitation within the organisation (often caused by mental problems) and boost the resilience of staff members. Mental health influences daily life, relations and even physical health. Mental health is also concerns one’s ability to enjoy life and a balance between daily activities (work/private life) and efforts to be mentally resilient. In order to achieve ambitious organisational objectives, it’s important that employees are fit and vital, both physically and mentally. We could be of assistance and focus on a different theme every quarter to make staff realise the importance of good health and well-being, and have them actively engage in their personal health.

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