Corporate Vitality is ISO and NEN-certified

Since early 2023, Corporate Vitality is ISO and NEN-certified. We have an ISO 27001 certificate and a NEN 7510 certificate and both have been awarded to us for the next three years, and each year both certificates will be checked to see if we as an organisation still meet the requirements.

The ISO 27001 certification is a global standard for information security. With this certification we meet all requirements concerning information security. When the Dutch General Data Protection Regulation (AVG-wet) came into effect in 2018, data protection has been further expanded. The ISO 27001 certificate entails that we as an organization have set up a systematic, risk-based approach of information security which stimulates the best practices regarding:

  • Identification of risks for information and cyber security
  • Risk analysis based on impact and probability
  • Evaluation of risks and prioritising when they’re being handled based on factors related to your company
  • Selection of options for risk handling

The NEN 7510 certificate also concerns information security but focused on care. This certification means that we take good care of medical data. We meet the requirements, showing our social responsibility.

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Privacy is of utmost importance

At Corporate Vitality, privacy is of utmost importance. Since we continue to grow as a company, it was a logical next step to become ISO and NEN-certified. As such, we’re able to show our clients that we meet international standards.