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Preventive Health Check

A preventive Health Check is a valuable tool for many organisations. A periodic Health Check helps to identify any health problems in an early stage, preventing the complaints to become worse.  It’s not only valuable for the staff member, but for any company healthy employees are indispensable. Corporate Vitality supports organisations with preventive Health Checks. Our Health Checks are conducted at the Corporate Vitality Centre at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. The Corporate Vitality Centre is SCAS-certified.

An insight into the vitality of your staff
An insight into the vitality of your staff
Overview via a dashboard
Overview via a dashboard
Tailor-made research
Tailor-made research
Prevent absence and staff turnover
Prevent absence and staff turnover

Why is a preventive Health Check important?

During a preventive Health Check for companies, a Corporate Vitality physician analyses the health and physical condition of staff members. This helps to identify potential health problems and risks, and this way, they can be timely treated.

Additionally, a Health Check provides staff members a better insight in their own health, and this could encourage them to implement improvements in their lifestyle.

This is how it works

Employee books a Health Check

Employee books a Health Check

Following an invitation or call your staff members can register online for a Health Check.

The employee fills out an online questionnaire

The employee fills out an online questionnaire

In order to thoroughly prepare the Health Check, additional information is requested.

Health check at the Health Centre

Health check at the Health Centre

The employee is checked at the High Tech Campus Health Centre or at a Health Centre on location.

The results are collected and featured on a dashboard

The results are collected and featured on a dashboard

On the dashboard you’ll instantly see the scores of your staff and what requires more attention.

The employee gets started with his/her health

The employee gets started with his/her health

Various health interventions are used to determine what the staff member needs.

The advantages of a preventive Health Check

Preventive Health Checks have many advantages, such as:

  • Timely identification and prevention of health problems
  • An improved insight in lifestyle and habits
  • Healthy and vital staff
  • Prevention of high medical expenses
The advantages of a preventive Health Check

The Corporate Vitality Health Checks

Corporate Vitality offers a variety of Health Checks, each with a different focus and medical examinations. In general, the medical examinations explore the lifestyle, health and physical condition by way of several tests. The Health Checks can either be conducted at our medical centre or on location.

From POHE to PME research or pecific Health Check, find out more about the various examinations:

You’re not sure which Health Check suits your organisation? Contact us for a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Health Check

The difference between a POHE and a PME? A thin line divides these two Health Checks, but the main difference is that a POHE specifically focuses on a staff member’s health in relation to the work situation. A PME focuses on an employee’s overall health. A PME is never compulsory but is seen as a suitable tool to deploy staff in an effective way. The POHE is compulsory in many sectors.

A PME is not compulsory, but it’s a tool to comply to Dutch labour law (Arbowet, article 18). This law includes the obligation for an employer to provide its staff a safe and healthy working environment. By having a PME periodically conducted, this obligation will be met.

Many organisations wonder if a POHE is compulsory. The answer is clear: only specific industry sectors require a POHE where working conditions are harmful to health. In sectors such as the chemical sector, construction industry or companies with night shifts, an annual POHE needs to be conducted. Would you like to know if your organisation is obliged to have a POHE conducted?

By way of a management dashboard the Health Check results can be viewed real-time. Read more about the dashboard here.

At Corporate Vitality, we make a distinction between a PME, POHE and specific Health Checks. A PME includes the Basic Health Check, Physical Health Check, Executive Health Check, and Sports Medical Health Check.

Your employees will be invited to a Health Check by e-mail. Following registration, staff members will receive a telephone call within 3 days to make an appointment.

Through our consultants’ effective health campaigns, we ensure that the health check is visibly positioned in the company. This will result in a high participation rate. Read more about consultancy here.

Happy clients at Corporate Vitality

At Corporate Vitality we think it’s important that organisations and their staff are really being supported. Our preventive health checks enable companies to both achieve and retain vitality. Many organisations have been a client of ours for years. Corporate Vitality has been conducting health checks at ASML, DAF and Signify among others.

Are you wondering which preventive health check suits your organisation best? Please send us an e-mail or call us on (040) 333-3001.

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"Corporate Vitality has collaborated with ASML for more than ten years and is a trustworthy and flexible partner in health prevention."

Heleen Wedzinga
Heleen Wedzinga Well-being Manager ASML

"Next to the DAF Fit Test, we also deploy vitality coaching. High-quality services and a pleasant collaboration!"

Katja Wouters
Katja Wouters Programme Manager Sustainable Employability DAF Trucks

"Four years ago, we found the perfect partner to set up and implement our sustainable employability programme and vitality policy in Corporate Vitality."

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Marc van Rooij President Shimano Europe

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