Sustainable employability

Sustainable employability is a policy with which an employer takes the specific circumstances of its staff as much as possible into account. It should be obvious that sustainable employability focuses on both young and old, and also gives consideration to the different phases in life and the career of staff members.

It’s important for organisations that all staff members remain highly employable. Highly employable staff respond better to any changes in their range of duties, changes in their career and developments in the organisation.

Sustainable employability starts on a new employee’s first working day, right at the onboarding. The prevention of problems is preferred over intervention when things go wrong. Energising an unmotivated staff member is difficult, and a bad back can often not be cured. The more though out sustainable employability, the more positive results you will gain as an employer. If an employer takes this into account and anticipates, sustainable employability could even increase productivity.

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