Privacy statement

Privacy statement

Corporate Vitality B.V. makes use of its own software programme SportvitalIT. Within SportvitalIT each individual has a right to careful protection of personal data. The maintenance and architecture of the software is conducted by SportvitalIT. SportvitalIT is a cdertified electronic patient record which is used by sports medical institutes, events such as Alpe d’HuZes, and the Dutch Ministry of Defense. SportvitalIT forms an integral part of Corporate Vitality B.V. To ensure the best possible privacy, this privacy statement has been drawn up, which meets the Dutch Law for the Protection of Personal Information (WBP). This statement elaborates on how and when your personal data is processed and registered.

Purpose of the data used

SportvitalIT collects personal data, such as name, e-mail address and date of birth. The data will be used to provide feedback and individual reporting. SportvitalIT collects data concerning health, vitality and development, or in short, data relevant to sustainable employability. It concerns data one has filled out in questionnaires, test results, set goals and advice received from an adviser, coach or physician. This data will be used to provide an insight in health, vitality and development. The collected data can be used to make an organisation or department-level report for the employer, but only if individual authorisation has been given at the end of the questionnaire.

Use of the test results

With the exception of contracted staff of Corporate Vitality B.V. no one has access to the individual test results. The employer can only apply for test results on a group or department level, and there is a minimum of fifteen participants. Individual test results will never be traceable for an employer and are always anonymous. A supervisor is unable to access personal test results, unless authorisation has been given by the staff member. The only information which can be given to the employer is whether or not an employee has participated in the health research due to planning.

Conditions for the use of data

  1. SportvitalIT processes data in a careful and proper manner, and in compliance with Chapter II of the Dutch Law for the Protection of Personal Information (WBP).
  2. SportvitalIT collects data for specific, explicitly described and justified purposes.
  3. Without your permission, we do not collect and process data.
  4. All data will be treated in strict confidentiality.
  5. One is able to modify personal data on the website at all times.
  6. On request, personal data can be deleted from our database.
  7. Data processing is conducted in a careful manner and in compliance with the Dutch Law for the Protection of Personal Information (WBP).
  8. SportvitalIT uses a well-protected database which stores all data.
  9. SportvitalIT is accountable to the Dutch Data Protection Authority regarding proper functioning of the database and processing personal data.
  10. SportvitalIT is responsible for timely reporting of data leaks to the client.
  11. SportvitalIT reserves the right to amend this privacy statement at all times. Amendments will come into effect four weeks after having been announced.