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For any company, it’s now more important than ever to contribute to the health of your staff. It’s a well-known fact that a healthy business starts with healthy employees. But how do you go about doing it in a sustainable manner? Where do you start?

Measuring is key

At Corporate Vitality, we believe in humane and preventive health which starts in the workplace. We explore your current situation and search for possibilities and challenges. We provide advice when preparing a sustainable health policy and also unburden you with the implementation.

We are a medical company and know out of experience that measuring contributes to knowledge and insight. Our personal health checks (physical and mental) offer an insight into your company’s resilience and health on a meta level and we’re able to increase awareness of preventive health. The health checks are conducted by passionate physicians with a vision on physical and mental health (read more about our team here). In a personal talk they’ll give personalised lifestyle advice based on measures parameters.

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Health Centre at the High Tech Campus

Health Centre at the High Tech Campus

Corporate Vitality is based at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, and here, it operates it very own Corporate Vitality – Health Services Centre. This is a medical advice centre for companies and their staff where all our medical services are conducted.

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Our professionals

Corporate Vitality are a team of passionate health professionals who are specialised in corporate health, lifestyle and preventive care. We have a broad vision on health and use this in our daily activities within your company. A human approach is at the very core of our activities, and we believe that a good advice is one that seamlessly adapts to the requirements of both the staff member and his/her company. That’s why we take our time to interact meaningfully with our clients and their staff. We’re able to effortlessly switch between various disciplines.

Roel Voorwald



Hans Kerkkamp

Senior Medical Advisor


Laurens van Oosterwijk

Sales & Account Manager and Consultant


Inge van de Veerdonk

Manager Health and Wellbeing / HR


Niels Westphal


BIG: 19915081001

Merel Wielink

Sports Physician


Prashant Komdeur

Lifestyle Physician

BIG: 19915081001

Stefan Ottenheijm

Sports Physician

BIG: 19049761201

Mia Wessels

Office / Biometrician

BIG: 49926721601

Lenneke Corsten

Lifestyle Physician


Wendy Westerveld



Monique Timmermans

Mental Coach


Ilja Posthumus



Jacqueline van Elderen

Back Office


Rutger Bolier



Want to meet?

We are happy to meet with you to find out what your business needs are. We do this to get a good view of the organisation. After this we will make an offer and tell you all about our services and possibilities for your company.

Health Check
Health Check

A periodic health check helps to identify an employee’s complaints in an early stage, and thus, prevent absence.


Are you looking for an engaging sparring partner as human resources manager and supervisor? We’re able to think along about the health policy and sustainable employability.

Corporate Vitality Academy
Corporate Vitality Academy

Our vitality experts provide training in the fields of mental well-being, leadership, nutrition, sleep, lifestyle and physical condition.