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Since the foundation of Corporate Vitality in 2014, we have successfully engaged in many different projects. Some have been customers since our very beginning and we’re very proud of that. Our customers have one thing in common: they invest in sustainable employability, healthy staff, and vitality of their most valuable capital. They have chosen to do so with Corporate Vitality health checks, consultants, programmes, and our wide range of trainings and coaches.

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Corporate Vitality has been a professional and flexible partner in the field of well-being for many years!

Corporate Vitality has collaborated with ASML for more than ten years and is a trustworthy and flexible partner in health prevention. Care is important at ASML. This means that in the field of well-being, staff are supported in leading a healthy, successful and balanced life. The ASML Health and Well-being Check, conducted by Corporate Vitality, is one of the assets we offer to keep our staff healthy and fit. Within our company, Corporate Vitality is known for its professionalism and flexibility, and as such, it’s the perfect partner to have in a complex world full of changes.

More than 10,000 ASML employees have made use of the health check.

Heleen Wedzinga Well-being Manager ASML
A perfect match in the field of sustainable employability

Four years ago, we found the perfect partner to set up and implement our sustainable employability programme and vitality policy in Corporate Vitality. This has resulted in our Strong Team Shimano platform based on five elements of well-being: connect, take notice, keep learning, give and be active.

Within this philosophy we offer preventive health services, such as events, health checks, coaching and training to keep our staff vital and healthy.

Marc van Rooij President
High-quality services and a pleasant collaboration!

At DAF Trucks, the vitality of our employees is of utmost importance. Corporate Vitality conducts the health checks (DAF Fit Test) and vitality coaching among other things for us.

Additionally, Corporate Vitality regularly organises webinars or workshops on sleep, lifestyle or stress. The quality of the services is good, and our collaboration is always very pleasant.

Katja Wouters Programme Manager Sustainable Employability DAF Trucks

Are you looking for a professional partner in Health & Well-being?

Corporate Vitality offers you the right expertise and experience. We are a trustworthy partner for any organization.

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