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More insight into your health

You would like to gain more insight into your health and, where possible, make improvements to lead a healthier life. As experts, we know that is better said than done. These days, a great deal has been said and published about health, and it’s difficult to determine what is healthy and what is not. Also, we all have grown into our habits which are hard to abandon.

Corporate Vitality offers an easily accessible health check which gives you insight into your health and personal lifestyle recommendations by our specialised physicians. We have extensive experience in drafting personal lifestyle plans and also knowledge of how to break through sedimented behavioural patterns.

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This is suitable for you if you…

  • Would like to gain an insight into your health
  • Would like to initiate an improvement of your lifestyle and require assistance
  • Have had one or more Health Checks and would like to know more about your current state of health
  • Already have engaged in improving your lifestyle and would like to make a next step

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Frequently asked questions

Personal Health Check

If you wear glasses and/or contact lenses, we kindly ask you to bring these along. For the Physical and Mental Health Check nothing is required. You’re allowed to eat and drink as you usually do. For the Sports Medical Health Check, it’s recommended to wear comfortable clothing. Everything will be repeated in the introductory e-mail.

The costs depend on which health check you have selected or composed. Please contact us for the current rates.

At the bottom of this web page you’ll find a form. Please fill out this form and we will contact you within three working days to book an appointment.

Yes. We offer vitality coaching and premium coaching. Read more here.

This depends on the value and to which extent it deviates. In most cases, you are referred to your own general practitioner.

Certainly not. At the very beginning of your first appointment, we will always inquire about the reason why you approached Corporate Vitality, in order to stay as close to your needs as possible.

We measure all important health parameters which could be influenced by your lifestyle. By way of a finger puncture, we measure cholesterol and glucose, in addition to blood pressure, length and weight. Furthermore, there’s a visus test (eyes) and hearing test.


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Please fill out your name and contact details and we will contact you within three working days.