In short

The Sports Medical Check is for:

Staff members who wish to know how healthy and fit they are.

This is what we measure:

Eyesight, hearing, lung function, heart, fat percentage, length, weight, blood values (cholesterol and glucose), blood pressure, fitness.

What does the Sports Medical Health Check entail?

The Sports Medical Health Check provides the staff member an insight into his/her health and fitness, and guidelines will be provided to gain more from sports and physical exercises.

A Sports Medical Health Check is relevant for people who wish to engage in sports and do so in a responsible manner. This health check is also beneficial to those who wish to engage in sports in a well-informed manner.

The Sports Medical Health Check takes 90 minutes and will be conducted by a physician at the Health Services Centre at the Hi-Tech Campus in Eindhoven.

The Sports Medical Health Check includes:

  • Eyesight, hearing and lung function test, ECG in rest, fat percentage measurement, length and weight
  • Blood test (cholesterol and glucose)
  • Cycling test (exercise test) with ECG
  • Talk with sports doctor

A breath gas analysis / oximetry could be added as an extra element of the Sports Medical Health Check.