Health & Well-being consultancy.

Future-proof, tailor-made health advice for your organisation.

Globalisation, automation, aging and AI: a number of developments which continue to shape the professional world. Combined with company-specific circumstances such as irregular working hours, travel and security risks, these circumstances can put pressure on the health and vitality of staff members.

Corporate Vitality enables you to deal with this pressure while also assisting you to take the health of your staff to the next level. Our services adapt to your current policy – such as a collective labour agreement and health initiatives – but also take it up a notch. We serve as an active sparring partner and provide tailor-made advice. Our goal is to stimulate sustainable employability and vital entrepreneurship.

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Analysis of the current policy
Analysis of the current policy
Health experts
Health experts
Guidance with implementation
Guidance with implementation
Saving healthcare costs
Saving healthcare costs

This is how it works



A Corporate Vitality consultant explores the health landscape and creates a sustainable employability policy.



The policy is translated into a specific platform with (preventive) health services for employees.



Using targeted communication, the Corporate Vitality consultant will make sure that the vitality programme will be brought to the attention of staff members.



Adjusting, evaluating and purchasing of health services for employees which contribute to working healthily.

HR support in the fields of Health & Well-being

Sustainable employability

Why solve problems when you can prevent them?

To energise an unmotivated staff member is difficult. Curing a bad back often seems impossible. That’s why it’s important to take every employee’s working conditions and requirements into account. This applies to people of any age and starting right at the onboarding all the way the last working day. The more thought out this sustainable employability has been set up, the better the results for both the staff member and employer. Highly employable staff are actually more productive and are able to adjust better to adjustments of their tasks, career changes, and developments in the organisations.

Vitality programmes

Reduce incapacity for work to a historic new low.

In order to achieve ambitious organisational objectives, it’s important that staff are both physically and mentally fit and vital. Although researches and other publications have given the importance of vitality more support, it remains important to propagate the essence of resilience and well-being within an organisation.

Our programmes emphasise the importance of physical and mental health. Is your work-life balance in need of recalibration? Would you like the team to initiate physical exercise themselves? Is the workplace rife with stress? We’ll examine which themes are relevant for staff members and get started.

Integrated health policy

Speed up recovery with our health guide.

Incapacitated staff members burden HR managers with additional work. In order to overcome this, we can provide you with a Health Guide which features all health services. Additionally, we’ll teach you how to proactively pay attention to sustainable employability, health and well-being by creating conditions for a safe and healthy work environment.

How do we integrate your vitality policy in your organisation?

Let’s discuss the possibilities in a non-obligation online consultation.

They preceded you

"Corporate Vitality has collaborated with ASML for more than ten years and is a trustworthy and flexible partner in health prevention."

Heleen Wedzinga
Heleen Wedzinga Well-being Manager ASML

"Next to the DAF Fit Test, we also deploy vitality coaching. High-quality services and a pleasant collaboration!"

Katja Wouters
Katja Wouters Programme Manager Sustainable Employability DAF Trucks

"Four years ago, we found the perfect partner to set up and implement our sustainable employability programme and vitality policy in Corporate Vitality."

Marc van Rooij
Marc van Rooij President Shimano Europe

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