In short

The Physical Health Check is for:

Employees who would like to know more about their current health situation and risks of health problems in the future.

This is what we measure:

Blood levels (cholesterol and glucose), blood pressure, BMI, visceral fat (belly fat), visual acuity and hearing.

What does the Physical Health Check entail?

The Physical Health Check provides a staff member information of his/her current health situation and risks of health problems in the future.

The employee who visits us for a test, determines in consultation with our physician what he/she would like to have measured. The options are: cholesterol level, glucose level, blood pressure, BMI, and visceral fat (belly fat). On medical indication, the physician will also measure visual acuity and hearing. Subsequently, the physician will explain what the test results mean, and elaborate attention will be given to personal lifestyle and its influence on the measured levels, overall health and risks of future ailments.

Renowned medical research has clearly indicated the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Next to exercise and nutrition, lifestyle also includes balance in the nerve system, social context, and purpose. Based on modern medical knowledge, our physician provides tailor-made information, and if required, advice. The employee determines which adaptations are feasible, and match his/her situation, to enable new habits.

After the health check, the staff member has gained an insight in how to increase his/her influence on his/her own health, and as such, also boost his/her resilience.

An employee gains more control over his/her health after a medical health check.