The Corporate Vitality Academy is built around a group of international top trainers who we deploy at various companies to improve the health, well-being and energy of their staff members. Lifestyle, vitality and health are key points.

Corporate Vitality Academy

Our Corporate Vitality Academy has conducted over 100 training sessions at various companies. Themes include leadership, team effort, stress management, energy management, lifestyle, vitality, sleep, nutrition, exercise and ergonomics. For each company, we create tailor-made programmes and analyse the data and information we collect. This enables us to create targeted interventions on a team level, department level and company level. Please contact us to inquire about our programmes and other possibilities.

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They preceded you

"Corporate Vitality has collaborated with ASML for more than ten years and is a trustworthy and flexible partner in health prevention."

Heleen Wedzinga
Heleen Wedzinga Well-being Manager ASML

"Next to the DAF Fit Test, we also deploy vitality coaching. High-quality services and a pleasant collaboration!"

Katja Wouters
Katja Wouters Programme Manager Sustainable Employability DAF Trucks

"Four years ago, we found the perfect partner to set up and implement our sustainable employability programme and vitality policy in Corporate Vitality."

Marc van Rooij
Marc van Rooij President Shimano Europe

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