If a health check indicates that an employee requires specific support or advice to improve his/her health, we offer matching coaching pathways.

Why is vitality coaching so important?

Renowned research has shown the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Next to exercise and nutrition, lifestyle also includes sleep, biorhythm, nerve system balance, social context and a purpose in life. With up-to-date knowledge of medical research, we provide tailor-made information and, if required, advice. The staff member determines which feasible adjustments match his/her situation in order to achieve a sustainable health gain. After the health check, the employee will know (more than previously) how to better influence his/her own health. The employee is empowered to take control of his/her own health.

Through awareness and appropriate advice within the comfort zone, our coaches try to instigate a lifestyle change. Giving an advice that’s outside of someone’s comfort zone will only be effective for a couple of months. The advice will gradually become a burden and less appealing, and as such, never transform into a new habit. However, with our expertise and consideration of someone’s comfort zone, a successful lifestyle change is possible.

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Various coaching options

Vitality Coaching
Vitality Coaching

In our vitality/lifestyle coaching we make use of different models which are being adapted to previously assessed situations.

This is followed up by 4 coaching discussions in which we elaborate on specific themes or choose for an integrated approach.

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Premium coaching
Premium coaching

Premium Coaching is for professionals who would like to become the version of themselves in terms of mental and physical health.

The Premium Coaching pathway is supervised by Corporate Vitality lifestyle physicians and psychologists who all are BIG-registered.

Due to the fact that not everyone shares the same challenges, each pathway is tailored to individual requirements. Corporate Vitality propagates an integrated approach. Generally, a coaching pathway comprises an intake interview (1 hour) and four coaching talks (4 hours) which can be held online or at the Corporate Vitality Centre.

Corporate Vitality Academy

Corporate Vitality Academy

Corporate Vitality develops tailor-made trainings for clients with the help of a network of coaches and trainers. We are experts in health, vitality and well-being in large corporations. We provide trainings in the fields of mental well-being, leadership, nutrition, sleep, lifestyle and physical condition.

Corporate Vitality has extensive experience in providing webinars, workshops and trainings for international corporations.

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"Corporate Vitality has collaborated with ASML for more than ten years and is a trustworthy and flexible partner in health prevention."

Heleen Wedzinga
Heleen Wedzinga Well-being Manager ASML

"Next to the DAF Fit Test, we also deploy vitality coaching. High-quality services and a pleasant collaboration!"

Katja Wouters
Katja Wouters Programme Manager Sustainable Employability DAF Trucks

"Four years ago, we found the perfect partner to set up and implement our sustainable employability programme and vitality policy in Corporate Vitality."

Marc van Rooij
Marc van Rooij President Shimano Europe

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