Change management

Following an internal analysis/vitality scan of your company, our health and wellbeing consultant will provide you with a report and a roadmap to achieve a healthy working environment. We will help you to integrate vitality management in your organization so that a sustainable employability program can effectively be implemented in the Human Resources strategy.

Sustainable Employability

The program manager will work together closely with Human Resources and will present a step-by-step plan to integrate vitality in your business strategy with a focus on sustainable employability. The starting point will be to tie in with existing initiatives. Where necessary, one of our consultants will also assist in the implementation phase.

Training & Coaching

Our trainers and coaches will provide new or missing program elements. They are experts when it comes to work life balance and vital living. The knowledge of our trainers and coaches can be used in effective, workshop, trainings and coaching services to improve the work ability of employees and leaders to create awareness and learn more about vitality.

Health monitoring & Dashboard

Our programs has to add value and achieve its goals. Health checks are part of the program. Each employee has its personal results and all results together give a aggregated dashboard that is a monitors of the program and its deliverables. The management dashboard provides a picture of the sustainable employability of an organization or department.

“When we started building a vitality program for ASML we needed a professional entity which could help us set up a health and vitality scan of our company. This was translated into a psychological and physical test for our staff to measure their current state of well-being. We found a competent partner in Corporate Vitality, a team of professionals with an in-depth knowledge of health and well-being. We collaborated on a combined lifestyle & health check, and so far over 8,000 of our employees have already participated. The results, anonymous and on an aggregated level, are used as building blocks for our internal actions on health & wellbeing. We continue to closely cooperate with Corporate Vitality to further improve the test, build even more efficient dashboards and reports, and follow up on several actions to actively support our staff in improving their own vitality. I strongly believe that a vitality program such as the one we have launched with ASML could be interesting to other companies which assume responsibility when it comes to the long-term employability”.

Harry de Vos, Senior Vice President HR ASML