You’re not happy with our services?
Please tell us.

At Corporate Vitality, we go the extra yard to support our clients. We think it’s important that our services fully adapt to your wishes and needs. However, it may occur that you’re not happy with our services and that matters should be conducted differently. Please inform us any complaint or concerns.


What to do?

A complaint can be directly addressed with one of our staff members on-site. 

Lodge a complaint

In most cases, a direct conversation will clear the air, but if not, please fill out our complaint form and send it by e-mail to 

Our complaints officer will handle your complaint and you will be contacted within 14 days.

How will my complaint be handled?

We will discuss your complaint with you, including all related objectives and possibilities. Please view the following scenarios:

  • You lodge a complaint, but don’t need any feedback
  • You don’t wish to interact with relevant staff members but would still like to lodge a complaint and receive feedback. The complaints mediator, who aims to be impartial, handles your complaint and will listen to both sides of the story. This means that the complaints mediator will have a private conversation with you and the relevant Corporate Vitality employee. Afterwards, the complaints mediator will inform you the results and will propose any subsequent measures
  • You would like to discuss your complaint with all relevant staff members in a mediation session. The complaints mediator will supervise the session as an impartial and independent host.

External complaints procedure

Should you be dissatisfied with the handling of your complaint and/or the outcome, you could appeal to the external complaints procedure of This professional organisation meets all requirements of the Netherlands Health Sector Quality, Complaints and Disputes Law (Wkkgz).