Happiness at work: A proven strategy for sustainable business growth

We spend about a third of our life at work, and this means that happiness at work has a big influence on one’s overall happiness. But there’s more, as research has indicated that happiness at work has a positive effect on business results. Let’s elaborate on the facts and figures.

The happier you are, the more productive you are at work.

Positive emotions enable your brain to function better, more creatively and more productively. Research has shown that the productivity level of happy staff members is 12% above the average. Next to happiness, unhappiness could affect productivity. The productivity level of unhappy employees is 10% below the average (source: Shawn Anker – The Happiness Advantage).

Happiness at work yields not only joy, but also additional turnover.

If you feel good, you’re inclined to give very best of yourself. You’re energised and stimulate others through enthusiasm which contributes to the work atmosphere and the turnover. Companies with a happy staff achieve a turnover that’s 2.5 times higher on average in comparison with peers from the industry where engagement levels are lower (source: Hay Group). Next to turnover, the customer base also sees an average growth of 12% and customer satisfaction grows 2-4%.

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Joy in the workplace leads to less absence.

Unhappiness at work is often caused by stress. When employees drop out work due to a burnout, cost can quickly rise. An ill staff member costs on average between €250 and €400 per day (source: Zilveren Kruis). Besides, it could take months to recover which could run up bills, meaning prevention is key.

Happy staff are more loyal.

If an employee is not happy at work and this situation continues, he/she will decide to leave the company sooner or later. In the current tight labour market it’s difficult to find suitable candidates. Additionally, recruitment of new employees can be costly, and could run up to 50-60% of an employee’s annual salary (source: SHRM).

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